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Be part of your child's educational community and join the Burnett PTA this 2022-2023 school year! Each adult membership is $10 and you can easily join on-line with this link:

The PTA has helped the Burnett community in many ways. We've hosted several community building events: Family Dance Nights, Family Dine-Outs, Flea Market, Movie Afternoons/Nights, BINGO nights, etc. We've also fundraised to help cover the costs and support school programs, staff/school supplies, field trips, teacher professional development, etc. Joining the PTA helps us continue to support what the Burnett community needs. Membership gives you a voice, but does not require a commitment of time or additional money.

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Would you like to donate to the Burnett pta?

Go to to make a cash donation to our PTA.

2022-2023 PTA Officers

President: Monica Sanchez

Vice President: (open)

Secretary: Lily Kuo

Treasurer: Sonali Phand

Historian: Veena Murugan

Auditor: Elijah Keyes

Parliamentarian: (open)

Membership Chair: Mital Yadav

Fundraising Chair: Judy Quinata

How to Contact the Burnett PTA Officers:


Message Monica Sanchez or Judy Quinata on Parent Square