Uniform POLICY

dress code

Burnett Bulldogs dress for school in a clean, neat & appropriate manner. On Free Dress Days you may not wear clothes or bring items to school that advertise drugs, alcohol, violence, or that have obscene language or sexual innuendos. No logos are acceptable on sweatshirts, sweaters or jackets except for the official Burnett Bulldog logo. On Fridays students may wear blue jeans if they wear spirit wear shirts.

uniform standards

General Information: Students who attend Burnett Elementary School are required to wear a uniform. If a parent has concerns regarding the uniform policy, he/she may schedule an appointment with the principal to review the District Uniform Waiver Policy.

Uniform Regulations:

  • Every student must wear the approved school uniform beginning the first day of school.
  • Students enrolling after the first day of school have 10 days in which to acquire a uniform.
  • Students who are “overflowed” to Burnett may choose to wear a Burnett uniform or the uniform of their home school.
  • No clothing items other than those on this approved Uniform Standards list may be worn.
  • All pants, shorts, and skirts must be worn at the waist.

Purchasing Uniforms:

  • Uniforms are not available for purchase at Burnett. However, uniform-compliant clothes can be purchased at stores such as: Walmart, Target, Old Navy, Kohls, and Costco.
  • Families needing assistance with the purchase of uniforms must complete a Uniform Financial Support application, available in the office. This information will be kept confidential between families and school office staff.

Gently Used Uniforms/Clothes Closet: A uniform clothes closet will be maintained at Burnett. Students who leave Burnett or who outgrow their uniforms are encouraged to donate uniform pieces still in relatively good condition to the Burnett clothes closet.

Failure to Wear a Uniform: If a student does not wear a uniform to school and does not have a free dress pass:

  • The student will receive a verbal warning/reminder about the uniform policy
  • A notice of uniform noncompliance may be sent home.
  • If the student’s clothing is also noncompliant with the dress expectations, parents may be called to bring appropriate items to school.
  • The student may be able to borrow a uniform from the clothes closet, if one is available.
  • Consistent noncompliance with the uniform standards will result in a meeting with the family, student, and school staff.

If a parent wishes to excuse his or her child from the uniform policy, an appointment must be made with the Principal. Click here to contact us.

School uniforms

Uniform Tops: Uniform shirts are WHITE, HUNTER GREEN, or NAVY BLUE with collars. The only permitted graphic or logo is the Burnett logo. Shirts may be no more than one size larger than the child’s actual size.

Uniform Bottoms: Students may wear pants, shorts, jumpers, or skirts in solid NAVY BLUE. Opaque leggings and sweat pants are considered to meet uniform requirements. Pants, skirts, and shorts may be no more than one size larger than the child’s actual size and must be worn at the waist. All shorts and skirts must come to at least mid-thigh.

Shoes: For student safety, all shoes must be closed-toed at all times.

Friday/Spirit Day Dress: Students are encouraged to wear Burnett spirit wear (available for purchase from the PTA) on Fridays. This includes wearing Burnett t-shirts and/or sweatshirts or blue and gold shirts. Students wearing Burnett spirit wear may also wear jeans. Students not wearing spirit wear must be in uniform.

Free Dress Days: Parents and students will be notified of planned free dress days. Students who receive free dress passes may use them (following the “Dress Expectations”) and must give their pass to their teacher at the beginning of the day.

Special Events: Uniforms are required on all field trips, unless otherwise specified by the classroom teacher.