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Summer Learning Challenge #2!

2019 Summer Learning Challenge #1!

Hi, guys and gals! Happy Summer Vacation!

Your first Principal's Summer Learning Challenge is an easy (but important one): READ!!!

Read. Every. Day.

Read anywhere. Read anything. Just read!

In case you didn't get them from Mrs. Lacey (our librarian), below are the Summer Reading Bingo cards to help you get creative about what and where you read! If you turn in a completed bingo card in the first week of school, you'll be invited to watch a special movie in the library! If you need ideas of books to read, check out these "Read Alike" links ("if you liked X, try this book")!

K-1 reading challenge.pdf
2-3 reading bingo.pdf
4-5 reading bingo.pdf
6th reading bingo.pdf

I'd also like to invite you to share what you're reading with me here! (If you need directions for how to use Padlet, check out the Padlet How-To Guide.) I can't wait to see what you're reading this summer!

My cats, Ruby & Olive, are also excited about summer reading!

And don't forget to check out the exciting events and reading challenges happening at the Milpitas library!

Happy reading, everyone! Come back next week for a new summer learning challenge!

Principal Coffee Hour April 26, 2019
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