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Summer Learning Challenge #6!

Create Your Own Obstacle Course!

This week’s challenge is all about physical activity!

All you’ll need is:

  • some outdoor space (like a backyard, driveway, courtyard, or sidewalk)
  • some sidewalk chalk
  • anything else that’s lying around (like a lawn chair or a planter box)

You can make your obstacle course as long or as short as you want and as difficult or as easy as you want. Draw out what you want people to do with your chalk (arrows are helpful, as are specific directions….but keep the words to a minimum).

Some ideas for obstacle course items are:

  • complete a hopscotch course
  • walk in a circle around some objects (like a table or chair)
  • walk backwards
  • jump over a line
  • hop on one foot

Try it out once or twice before you have other people do it, so you can fix anything that’s confusing or doesn’t work. Then, recruit your friends and family to try out your obstacle course.

You can:

  • See how long it takes each person to get through the course
  • Time someone (or yourself) going through the course multiple times to see if you get faster
  • Have someone do the obstacle course while carrying an object

Have fun and be creative!

Answer keys to last week's math problems!

ANSWER KEY Kinder/1st/2nd Problem of the Month
ANSWER KEY 2nd/3rd/4th Problem of the Month
ANSWER KEY 5th:6th Problem of the Month.pdf

Summer Learning Challenge #5!

Math Problem of the Week!

Welcome back for another Summer Learning Challenge! This week’s challenge is all about math! Below, you’ll find three problems of the month. There is one for kindergarten-2nd grade, one for 2nd-4th grade, and one for 5th-6th grade. Choose the problem you want to work on and start solving! These problems are supposed to be difficult and to take you some time! Work with your parents/siblings/cousins/friends if you want to!

I’ll post the answers next week! Happy solving!

Kinder/1st/2nd Problem of the Month
2nd/3rd/4th Problem of the Month
5th:6th Problem of the Month.pdf

Summer Learning Challenge #4!

Science Experiment: Musical Glasses!

Musical Glasses

Summer Learning Challenge #3!

Build Your Own Board Game!

Build Your Own Board Game

Summer Learning Challenge #2!

2019 Summer Learning Challenge #1!

Hi, guys and gals! Happy Summer Vacation!

Your first Principal's Summer Learning Challenge is an easy (but important one): READ!!!

Read. Every. Day.

Read anywhere. Read anything. Just read!

In case you didn't get them from Mrs. Lacey (our librarian), below are the Summer Reading Bingo cards to help you get creative about what and where you read! If you turn in a completed bingo card in the first week of school, you'll be invited to watch a special movie in the library! If you need ideas of books to read, check out these "Read Alike" links ("if you liked X, try this book")!

K-1 reading challenge.pdf
2-3 reading bingo.pdf
4-5 reading bingo.pdf
6th reading bingo.pdf

I'd also like to invite you to share what you're reading with me here! (If you need directions for how to use Padlet, check out the Padlet How-To Guide.) I can't wait to see what you're reading this summer!

My cats, Ruby & Olive, are also excited about summer reading!

And don't forget to check out the exciting events and reading challenges happening at the Milpitas library!

Happy reading, everyone! Come back next week for a new summer learning challenge!

Principal Coffee Hour April 26, 2019
Principal Coffee_Dessert Hour Jan_Feb 2019.pdf

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