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Ms. Rachel Stankovits

Welcome to Speech Therapy!

Weekly Homework & Calendars

Speech Homework Guidelines

1. Homework should be practiced every day!!

2. Homework should not be frustrating. If you are having difficulty with a certain word or sound,

skip it and then let me know at your next speech session.

3. Homework should take no more than 5-7 minutes (at the most)!!!

4. New homework will be assigned each week.

5. Calendars are due halfway through the month and at the end of the month (both are marked

on the calendar).

You can find Weekly Homework and Calendars in the locker below.  Click on the link to download or view the file.

Homework Directions


1. Please find your Group Number (1-5)

2. Complete the activity that is written under your group number.

3. After you have finished your daily homework, put a check mark on that date on the calendar.

4. Have your parent/helper put their initials on the day you practiced.

Speech Stanlovits Locker

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